Wiener Charme und französischer Chic,
vereint zu himmlischer Gaumenfreude

Himmlische Gaumenfreude


Christina Krug

is one of the most sought-after contemporary pâtissières in Austria. In addition to her workshop at Schnabulerie, she is a jury member for competitions, food stylist and reviewer of baking products. Christina Krug is a highly regarded and award-winning baker of luxury wedding cakes. She combines the traditional craft of pâtisserie with contemporary design. As a perfectionist with extraordinary attention to detail, she is at the cutting edge of the current transformation in the Austrian Konditorei scene, taking traditional wedding cakes to new heights.


Schnabulerie, founded in 2013 by Christina Krug, has developed in only a few years to a top destination for modern luxury wedding cakes and pâtisserie at the highest level. The café in the heart of the old town of Mödling has become a secret tip of the Viennese suburbs and is already an established part of the Austrian pâtisserie scene. The baking and decorating courses led by Christina Krug attract participants from all over Austria and Germany and are regularly booked up.

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